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Join Us for the German Karneval Tradition!

“Willkommen and Warmest Welcomes to America’s oldest celebration of Karneval, hosted by the Mardi Gras Society of Chicago since 1890. Originally a time for merry making, costumed celebrations, and a way of defying the establishment; our Rhineland forefathers brought their traditions to America. We promote and celebrate over 100 events and fests in order to preserve our heritage. As 'Entertainers' from the Rhineland we savor the limelight of show business; we love to schunkel, sing 'Ein Prosit' and enjoy the Gemütlichkeit (good times!). Karneval celebrations begin on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 minutes after the 11th hour and end on the night before Ash Wednesday. During that time, we crown a Prinz and Prinzessin of Karneval to oversee the year’s many festivities, we wake the jester to promote fun, and then party to the fullest until Lent. The events you don’t want to miss include our Maskenball (masquerade ball), a Frȕschoppen (an all-day Pub Crawl), the Kappenabend (Crazy Hat Night), Weiberfastnacht (Women's Night Out), and Rosenmontag (Live it up Monday). For more information about our events check out our calendar. We can’t wait to celebrate Karneval with you!”